Football Bet Token (Euro 2020) ⚽🏆

New Bet System with friends and NFT’s !

1 Token = 1% of the final pool in JENJ.
1 Token = Football Bet Jackpot (EURO 2020)

Each time a user buys a football bet token, the sum of the sale is transferred to a wallet in TRX to then make the sports bets. 90% for bets and 10% on a reserve fund. The addresses will be public and can be consulted at any time.

Every week JENJ, USD and other currencies will be converted to TRX. **

*Example * Day 1
Bet : Victory Italy x1.5
Result: Victory Italy
100 x 1.5 = $ 150

$ 150 goes to the dividend wallet

All bets will be between $ 50 and $ 200!

** We use TRX to reduce transaction costs.
The final sum of dividends will be converted into JENJ!

Football Bet Token Supply : 100 Tokens ⚽

  • Sale : 70 Tokens (20 Tokens on shop & 50 Tokens on the Enjin (Jumpnet) Marketplace

Sale : First come first served !

  • Enjin Marketplace : 01.06.2021 (On the day of the competition the tokens on sale will be canceled, melted and deducted from the final dividends.) at 40 JENJ (If you buy your token on the Enjin marketplace you will receive an additional bonus item, daily distribution)

Payment : Paypal & Crypto for Cryptotipsfriends. JENJ for the Enjin Marketplace. You can already swap your ENJ for JENJ

For each token purchased you receive a NFT* for the final draw !

(Supply 200 NFT’s)

Further down on this page you will find the schedule and the bets planned for the event.

Distribution for the Football Bet Jackpot NFT (Additional prizes) :

Prizes for the Football Bet Jackpot (Euro 2020) Token Holders :
- 3 x 1 Swiss Jersey Personalized + goodies
- 3 x 1 ASR Tokens (by Socios)
- 3 x 1 FCB Tokens (by Socios)
- 25 x 1 YBO Tokens (by Socios)

Random draw on the telegram channel at the end of the event ! Random draw 1 to 200. You can win multiple times !
Join :

The initiative for this project comes from Metaxa Kinday, expert in sports betting in Switzerland. (For international football Bets)
This project is supported by CryptotipsFriends for the sale, distribution of tokens and promotion.

*Football Bet Jackpot (EURO 2020) NFT (Contract Adress) :

Football Bet Token (EURO 2020) (Contract Adress) :


New Bet System with friends and NFT's !